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Multipro Concrete offers the complete range of services including residential and private projects in the north and north eastern suburbs of Melbourne as well as commercial projects across the greater Melbourne metropolitan region.

Some of the concreting services that we provide include:

Architectural installs:

For versatile design and custom projects

Civil and commercial:

We are available for projects large and small, including complex jobs like large slabs and floor spaces, suspended floors, stairwells, large footings, tilt-up panels and much more.

Residential concreting:

Any job you need to be done in the northern and north eastern suburbs.


Quality workmanship for the area between the gutter and your property boundary.


Available for residential, commercial and industrial jobs.

Exposed aggregate: Combine the strength of concrete with the beauty of stones sourced from rivers and quarries.

Coloured concrete: Add some personality to your next project with a wide range of coloured options available.

Footpaths: We can customise any footpath to suit your purposes.

In situ concrete: Poured to your specifications.

Landscaping: We are available for any project including walls, paths and much more.

Paving: Domestic and commercial and cut to measure.

Slabs: For houses, garages and commercial buildings

Slate concrete: Replicating the look of stone at an affordable price point

Stairs: Sturdy, durable options that can withstand the elements and heavy foot traffic.

Stencil concrete: Give your project an elegant look with a range of patterns and styles available.

Curved walls: Expert methods and technologies for the perfect curved finish

Custom and speciality projects: Whatever project you have in mind, we can accommodate.

Driveways: Concrete is the most popular option for these projects because of its durability and functionality.